Campus Life

Marine cadets have been trained at S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) and our attractive campus is equipped to provide professional and vocational maritime training that meets all the current national and international standards required for marine sector. The campus is located in Delhi NCR.
S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) is dedicated to the training of seafarers and, with our range of training and recreational facilities, is ideally placed to give cadets the best possible start to their maritime careers.

Accomodation / Hostel

Trainees are provided lodging facilities and our institute hostel is Well Furnished, hygiene, proper lighting, ventilated and temperature is proper maintained. With separate bed, cushion, pillow, drawer and sufficient no’s of washroom, shower and western lavatories. Conveniently located at the campus these hostels and mess facilities ensure that trainees/cadets get a homely environment and stay comfortably. The meals provided in the hotels are hygienic, wholesome & nourishing.

Recreation Room

Recreation room is for trainees used at leisure time for their entertainment which is equipped with LCD TV along with Satellite Set Up Box, Drinking Water Cooler, Sitting arrangements, Indoor Games etc.


S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) class room is well ventilated & spacious with proper sitting capacity for the trainees for theoretical and Practical lab which is equipped with modern teaching aids and practical equipments.


Our Library consists of vast no’s books related to Seamanship, Safe navigation, Marine Engineering, Marine Dictionary, Safe cargo Handling, Rules of Road, Anchor and Rope Work, Safe Communication ISM Codes & IMO Conventions, Marine Pollution, Anti-Piracy, Adventure to marine world, Etc.

Computer Centre

Our Computer centre is geared to provide High-Tech environments for all courses the computer dome has all Intel Core i5 Machines on lane. All computers are multimedia ready and are networked.

The Internet & WI-FI

We provide extensive global exposure to our students through the VSAT – Internet facility. We have an internet club, which is used by our students to interact with their counterparts in other institute and use the Internet as a plat form for exchanging ideas. This helps them to understand the global ethos and prepare themselves for the IT enable business solutions ITBS.

Galley / Mess Room

S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) Galley & Mess Room is Safe and hygienic. Consists of sufficient no of cooking staffs , Proper seating Capacity for the trainee and a notice board, posters related to ship mess / galley. Sufficient wash basin with hand wash and tissue. Separate chairs allotted to each trainee. Quality Meal Served by Buffet system under the guidance of an in charge on duty.

Corporate Resource Centre

At S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S), a full pledged CRC is functional to coordinate the activities of the placement cell. The primary activities of the cell are organizing dock visit, sea visit, tour visit, rock climbing, river rafting and providing final placement for them the placement cell also organizes seminars, symposia and lectures. The experts in the field of marine and allied sector and academicians are invited to address trainees/cadets during these events. It also stresses the need for teaching maritime law, Indian law, political and International relations topics and also focus on personality development program.

Corporate Advisory Committee

We believe that academics and industry must have a reciprocal relation in order to gain the most from each other. Keeping in view this objective the institute has constituted a corporate advisory committee (CAC) The CAC apprises the faculty as well as the trainees /cadets about the need for proper training so that they become valuable assets of the corporate world. This is accomplished through regular meetings, workshops, seminars, syndicate, personality development programmers and guest lecture for the trainees /cadets


Every Rating / Cadet will be provided full lodging and fooding facility along with uniform, study material and stationary items during training period.

Personality Development

We recognize the need for every trainees /cadets to face the professional world and therefore equip them with good personality traits besides academic brilliance. Hence a great degree of importance is given to personality development. We conduct group discussions and mock interviews as well as training to appear for interviews by hiring outside professionals, so that the students are equipped with proper interview skills, in addition to this, confidence – building exercise, like debates declamation, workshops and presentations are also stressed upon at S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) It also included English improvement program and personal grooming program for its trainees /cadets.

Captaincy/Leadership Development Program

S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) has also developed a program of leadership and captaincy to inculcate the quality of becoming a ship Captain / Master. The leadership trait is very important to excel in any field of life.

Need for Global Education / Training (as per demands of marine sector)

Global education has become common knowledge, and like common knowledge of every kind, it is very often misunderstood and misinterpreted. Sometimes it is treated as a synonym of “multicultural” and “cross cultural” education. Sometimes the term “global studies” is reduced to studying the global environment. Global Education is also treated as an antidote to ethnic, religious and other manifestation of chauvinism. In some cases it looks more like preaching, than teaching. In fact, Global Education is all these, and much more. It is education for the future that we are striving for, and the youth of the century requires a new type of mentality which has been called “holistic”. In this respect global education should be considered as an approach, which equips the learner with a holistic picture of the world. It is viewing the world from different perspective. So, the worlds “Holistic” and “perspective” come to describe Global Education / Training. A holistic learner establishes numerous logical and associative ties, and is able to notice examine a variety of ways in which the same phenomenon can be investigated. A holistic world-view helps to bring together things that at first sight seem to have no visible relationship to each other. This is done by employing integration which is the bringing together of parts that contributes to a better understanding of every constituent element and a clear picture of the unity. It is essentially holistic in approach, holographic in structure, using integration as a strategic basis and modern pedagogical technology as a tool for imparting knowledge, skills and attitude to a person who possesses a multi-perspective and multi-dimensional vision of the world as a unity of interdependent factors, phenomena and processes and applies critical and creative thinking.

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