About Us

S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) is an independent Maritime training institute Which is incorporated with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt. of India), We are committed to highest level of quality, professionalism and strong credibility as a proactive, forward thinking marine manpower employment company.

S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) In principle, the crew member arranged by us is experienced and trained with completed vocational training. The qualification is education ordinance goes by Standards of Training Certifications and Watch keeping (STCW 2010) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) convention. The operations are fully committed to safety and quality management and work on well-defined personnel policy with total commitment to the training & safety.

All Crews are healthy and have long years of working experience with valid D.G Approved STCW’2010 Certificates and Indian CDC to meet the requirements of the vessels complaints around the world as per ISM-CODE and IMO Standards.


We recruit highly qualified & experienced seafarers of all ranks with IMO & STCW’2010, as well as relevant courses required for sea going personnel. We are providing all sorts of candidates to all major and leading shipping companies all over the world. We are in list of crew member and staff (including officer) providers of Foreign shipping companies of international repute with cargo ships, container ships, oil tankers, bulk carriers, Tug, Barges, Etc. We are internationally acclaimed by most of the Indian and International shipping companies. We are striving to maintain a tradition of excellence and pride, and a belief in all that we do. The company has already built warm and solid relationships with numerous ship owners, local and foreign shippers, and receivers. We offer excellent wages commensurate with experience comparable with wages on home and foreign flag vessel, with bright promotion prospects and strong shore base support .we also offer long term carrier prospects with reputed principles.

S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) is managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle the most complex international shipping operations. We take challenges as opportunities. We enjoy working hard and making things happen.

Welcome To Merchant Navy

Transportation is vital to the world’s economy. Practically everything we hold in our hands was grown or manufactured in one location, packaged and distributed to another and procured delivered and consumed by yet another.
Over 90% of the world’s trade is carried transported by ship thorough sea. Ships include the largest and most complex man-made structures on the planet and they operate in a wide range of harsh environments. Even small ships have a complex structure and many systems for navigation, propulsion and machinery, cargo handling and crew support. For any one working in the shipping world a good understanding of how the ships operate is invaluable and the parameters under which to operate are essential.
At S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) we strongly believe that training of the ship staff and crew is one of the most important and critical factors in achieving a safe and profitable operation of a ship.


S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) is a leading maritime training provider based is Delhi NCR with its presence is U.K, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Thailand, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, better known by its acronym TIME.
S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) was formed and established by Limited Liability Partership (LLP) a reputed ship management company with world –wide. Commencing its first batch in 2015 with intake of Nine Cadets and two programs we have approximately trained 180 Cadets till date and offer various programmers to make a marine career.
S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) holds a sustainable 100 % placement record since its formation as an organisation. And not only our strength lies on backing it but being an institution we are grooming our future officers to go much beyond the syllabus and aim for good technical skills combined with safety, culture, discipline communication skills, team building financial planning , stress handling tacking adverse situation while sailing and other officer like qualities which all are the requirements of the present shipping industry.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision -To be a class apart in marine training, education and research and setting the bench mark for all marine training based organisation through innovation and continual improvement.
Mission - To be a pioneer in the field of maritime training. To provide top quality training programmes to maritime industry Personal. To be a reliable, ethical & economical maritime education and training provider.


With almost Three years of training experience and Four years of ship management experience S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) is a truly international and border less organisation. Supported and backed by a ship Management Company it helps our organisation to meet the changing criteria and training standards required by various type of ship and shipowner world-wide.
S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) is the only and first Marine Training Centre in Delhi NCR having its own dedicated department such as (I) Seafarer Grievance Cell (II) Seafarer Information Centre. (III) Financial Planning Desk (IV) Post Sea Counseling Service
S.N. MARITIME SERVICES LLP (S.N.M.S) has provided cadets & trainee to around 50 shipping Companies world wide. Having a backup of own ship management company we work very closely to almost 15 more ship owners. It has also helped us to achieve 100% placement record to the trainee trained till date.(S.N.M.S) is and ideal organization to start or develop your marine career.

Quality Policy & Objective

The Institution promotes and supports the renewed International focus on the quality of Marine Education under the leadership of the Marine Education Quality Committee. It will thus weave considerations of quality into all aspects of its planning and activities.
More specifically, it commits itself to the development and application of a quality management system aimed at continuous improvement of all parts of the institution.
Our emphasis on quality is part of our attempt to create a unique institution, hallmarked by a strong academic project, relevance, sound financial management and highly competent administration.

Registered Office

Plot No 559, Sector-39, Bakhtawar Chowk
Near Medanta Medicity, Gurugram (DELHI-NCR)-122001

Training Campus

S.N. Maritime Training Campus Sector-45
Near DPS School Gurugram (DELHI-NCR)-122001





E-mail : info.snms@gmail.com

Web : www.snmaritimeservices.com